Our earth described a spiral course, that is we move in circles, but we never come back to the same point.The circle is not closed. We only reach the same plane where we began,It is characteristic of a spiral that it seems to be a circle but is not closed.

The spiral, as I see it, is a vegetative spiral, with swellings, where the lines become thicker & thinner, like the rings on a tree trunk, but with this difference; they do not lie within one another but form a coil

The spiral stands for life & death in any direction. From the inside out it runs in the direction of birth, of life, & the on through apparent dissolution into what is too large, into the extraterrestrial, into a realm that cannot be measured.

It condenses from the outside in, by concentration in the direction of life, and then, in infinitely small regions, becomes what we call death, because it eludes our measuring perceptions.” – Hundertwasser


~ by phantastica on July 1, 2008.

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