::INPUTS:: audio/textual/visual transmissions

Bluetech’s lush psy-dm – psy aesthetic, dubby basslines, playful synths, and complex yet ohhh so groovy rhythms – & Monolake’s glitchy beats & spacious brooding ambience emante from my speakers this week… (check below for downloads)

Whilst I take my time reading through Dale Pendell’s excellent Pharmako series… ( thee most enthralling works of occult ethno-botany known to man)

A beat alchemist working textual DJ decks.

Erik Davis, Bookforum

“Pharmako/Poeia is an epic poem on plant humours, an abstruse alchemic treatise, an experiential narrative jigsaw puzzle, a hip and learned wild-nature reference text, a comic paean to cosmic consciousness, an ecolgical handbook, a dried-herb pastiche, a countercultural encyclopedia of ancient fact and lore that cuts through the present ‘conservative’ war-on-drugs psychobabble.

Allen Ginsberg


  1. Prima Materia & Elementary Particles by Bluetech
  2. Cinemascope by Monolake


  1. PharmakoGnosis by Dale Pendell
  2. Starmaker by Olaf Stapledon


  1.  Red DwarfV

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