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Our earth described a spiral course, that is we move in circles, but we never come back to the same point.The circle is not closed. We only reach the same plane where we began,It is characteristic of a spiral that it seems to be a circle but is not closed.

The spiral, as I see it, is a vegetative spiral, with swellings, where the lines become thicker & thinner, like the rings on a tree trunk, but with this difference; they do not lie within one another but form a coil

The spiral stands for life & death in any direction. From the inside out it runs in the direction of birth, of life, & the on through apparent dissolution into what is too large, into the extraterrestrial, into a realm that cannot be measured.

It condenses from the outside in, by concentration in the direction of life, and then, in infinitely small regions, becomes what we call death, because it eludes our measuring perceptions.” – Hundertwasser



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I’ve become the nuclear image of eternity I’m the original stuff. All the
universes find their pattern in my being. for I’m the cosmic infinitesmal.
I’m the source. I’m the fountain. Exploding in your face. (with a flick of
my wrist a new cosmos begins.) How glorious to be alive. Be here with me now
in timeless micro-infinity.

Reality now an oceanic flow of particles in everchanging patterns. Panta
rei. Undulating within the ultimate core of self. Which is no-self. Inside
this boundless thought wave. All is one and one is god. (truth is one. sui

Everything is coming in waves and from all sides, nuclear, molecular and
cellular layers. Modular wave-hierarchies. Epi-phenomenon of the
ground-of-being of all other grounds-of-being. In a fractual involution. the
reversal of evolution. becoming is absolute. Time is dying a slow death. The
eschaton is near. I’m into an ideational singularity: propelling towards the
neuro-galatic center, the transcendental nexus of self and world. A cosmic
junction where on a physical level: matter and anti-matter merge into each
other. Into emptiness and on a psychic level god and self are inextricably
intertwined.” by Fredrik Thordendal

Seldon Hunt

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by Seldon Hunt

Ts’ai-ken T’an // The Vegetable Root Discourses

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If the mind is clear
A dark room has its blue sky
If the mind is somber
Broad daylight gives birth to
Demons and evil spiritsThe just man
Has no mind to seek happiness
Heaven therefore
Because of this mindlessness
Opens its inmost heart
The bad man busies himself
With avoiding misfortunes
Heaven therefore
Confounds him for this desireHow unsearchable are the ways of heaven
How useless the wisdom of men

The Tao is common property
It should be pointed out to all we meet
Learning is as ordinary as eating rice at home
According to the circumstances
It should be applied circumspectly

The Ancients left rice for mice
And did not light lamps
Out of pity for moths
These thoughts of theirs
Are the operation point of humanity
In life
Lacking this
A man is a mere earthman
A wooden body

The Zen sect says
When you are hungry — eat
When you are weary — sleep
Poetry aims at the description
In common language
Of beautiful scenery
The sublime is contained in the ordinary
The hardest in the easiest
What is self-conscious and ulterior
Is far from the truth
What is mindless
Is near

by Koji Tse

The Aeon

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Many paths lead
from the foot of the mountain,
But at the peak
We all gaze at the
Single bright moon.

– –

Rain, hail, snow and ice:
All are different,
But when they fall
They become the same water
As the valley stream.

– –

The ways of proclaiming
The Mind vary,
But the same heavenly truth
Can be seen
In each and every one.

– –

This world
Is but
A fleeting dream
So why by alarmed
At its evanescence?

by Ikkyu